My first Blog Entries

I am in unfamiliar waters with this blog, so I hope I am doing this blog correctly. Since my return back to school I wanted to take a class that would pull my DIY creativity out of me. Walking though Knobview Hall seeing all of the creative drawing, painting, photos and ceramics work, this was something that I wanted to check out. Last semester, I was registered to take the ceramics for non-major but end up in the ceramics I class, which I TOTALLY TOTALLY ENJOYED. My first shock in this class was that you can get really dirty, with the raw clay under your nails. But, after a few weeks, I had gotten total over that. I was so proud of the first pinch project that I made after it was fired and glazed….it reminded me of the dish my son made in the first grade for me for Mother Day, that I still have. This class allows me to challenge my thinking about my interpretation of art, which totally different from DIY projects. Also coming aware of the different material used to create these wonderful ceramics art pieces. So after another class was canceled the Ceramics II class was available and I’m so excited to get started. My ideas for my Fantasy Function project I have two different design that I want to do but we have such a short semester I not sure if I can get it done. So, how many of you like cookies with a glass of milk to dump your cookies in. One hand to hold the cup and the other hand to hold the cookies but you out of hands to dump your cookies. How about a cup with an attached holder for your cookies? BRILLIANT RIGHT! Look for my next blog to see what I have come up with. I already see this is going to be a great summer.

Finally figured out how to upload my picture to my blog, thanks to my friends in my ceramics class. Center picture is my milk and cookie dump cup!!!!! Top right is my milk cup and its tray will follow later. The next two picture is the completed work that I have done last semester in Ceramics I. I’m very proud of how everything turns out better than what I originally thought.

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