Do Over for the Duality Project

My original project started out with me creating a bunch of squares with the social media apps icon on them. I was planning to have a bowl filled with different ones like Facebook, Snapchat, Tweeter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. I was going to get an empty box of cereal leaning up against the bowl with these cereal icons falling out of the box. But when it came down to paint the app icon my old hand was not steady enough not to make it look like a first grader painted. So, this ideal had to be trashed and a new one started. So, I was still wanting to stay on the same line of the addiction to social media but continue it with the addiction to alcohol and opiated (I hope that spell right) problem. So, my new design starts with the profile of a head with the alcohol bottle setting at the top of the head. Next, there will be a tongue coming out of the mouth with pills stuck to the tongue. I feel that this is a major problem that I wasn’t aware it has gotten so bad in the Indiana area. With this duality project, I really don’t want to create an individual face, I just want to reflect a silhouette of a face. When you think about this problem, we don’t know who is battling this demon of alcoholism and drugs. I’m wanting this project just to make you think. So, I’m hoping that this will be a better productive week than last week was. I only found one ceramaic art work that would describe my thought about the epidemic of drugs and alcohol. I also fell to take a picture of my current project, I should some in a few days.

What Feed Creativity
Life: A Pandora’s Box, Linda Lowery, Encaustic and mixed media
Vincent Van Goh’s
Unique style offers a glimpse into the unfortunate reality behind mental illness and substance abuse.
This is title; 20 Different drugs and 20 Illustration to show Drug Effects by
Brian Pollett a/k/a Pixel-Pusha

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