Addicition Completed

I am so happy the way this turnout and I wonder what my class will think about it.  I wasn’t aware of how alcohol and drugs plagued this side of the river. Growing up in Louisville this was the norm to see the neighborhood drunk stumble up the street after an evening in the bar. I’m sure that each of us has had or seen the effect that this has had on family members, friend, and neighborhood. I have had members of my own family, fallen victim to the plague of alcoholism. But this is not a white only or black only issue this is a multicultural issue, that was my reasoning for painting it this way. I wanted to show how this addiction affects our brain with the explosion effect. But to be honest I thought it was going to look like a crown. The black side of the jug looks more like green color instead of black like the top. I think that the color of the tongue turns out the perfect shade of red to emphasize the white drug (Altoids). Along with the very colorful array of colorful alcohol bottles (Gatorade) to bring this full circle. So, it is very important to continue to push our lawmakers for more facilities to battle against these additions.

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