Second to the Last Blog

This ceramic summer session class has went by so quickly. I have enjoy this class and kind of sad that it will be ending soon. I final got a handle on me verb project which falls right into my family tree project. I think that I am the third generation and I often think about the steps that was paved before me. Time is going by fast and babies are growing up fast into preschooler and soon into adult. So, I wanted to show you the Walking Generation of Footprints of females of my family. I was under the impression that this was be a fun project where I could included my two granddaughter. Charlie who is the oldest was very happy to help Nana with her school project. But, Oh this youngest one was not having it…she wanted to play in it with her hands NOT her feet.


Unfortunately, I’m not able to turn the picture around to show the footprints. But, as you can see the little one first set of footprints are very clear and the ones after gets lighter and lighter. But we as an individual are all walking this path from childhood to young adult to elderly. But what impression will you be leaving on this world? I want to make sure that these two ladies know that Nana loves them to the moon and back. I want to make sure you have what you need to make sure that your lives would be successful.

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