Completed Fantasy Function

I have completed the last part of my Fantasy Function project, but I’m not sure it is what my teacher is asking for. I can see that the other students are a lot further along in their creative than I am which can be intimidating. So to get my creative juices going I visit my favor art gallery (E & S Gallery, Inc) this weekend to see if there were any new items. They didn’t have anything new, but I had to revisit these African statues from Woodrow Nash. There are several sculptures but this is one that I like the most since we discuss in class about the raccoon process. This reminded me of this technique on the face of these sculptures. Another of the interesting part of this sculpture is the detail in the hair that looks so lifelike. The next one of Mr. Nash sculptures is Orisa (Angelic One) is so beautiful hand finishing in the paint details. Again I so fascinated about the detail of the hair, Nash’s sculptures transmit human delicacies and inner harmony. Well back to my project, I wanted to do something different with the coils for my tray and cup. I wanted to keep the roundness of the coils on the outside and inside of my tray and cup. The plan, to be able to carry the cup and cookies on the tray. As I stated the last time that I enjoy my milk and cookies, as for the other creation I wanted to create and cup and cookies holder in one. I feel that this dish would work as long as the cookies are gone and you would be able to drink the remaining milk without making a mess.

African Essence -Wisdom
Orisa (Angelic One)

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