This past week I have almost completed my work for the duality/mix media project. I have a few more items to add to it in order to call it complete. This is one project that has got me to think about the addiction problem that has plagued our country. I was born and raised in Louisville Ky, in the Smoketown area, where I have seen my share of crime and drugs. We move to Jeffersonville, Indiana six year ago to get away from this type of problems. My impression was that this was a small county that didn’t have the type of crime that I grew up with. Unbeknownst to me, the Clark, New Albany, and Jeffersonville had the same issue that Louisville has with drugs and crime. But I feel that Indiana has just as big of a problem with DRUGS as Louisville. So, I wanted to reflect this issue in my duality project to emphasize the opiate, cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana. I want to show how these things that we put in our bodies continue to affect and deaden our brain cell.

Moving forward to the next project has been a struggle….well, to be honest, I have struggled to come up with ideals with all of the projects. But I have come up with one project, “growing footprints”. This, I will show the growth showing natural development.

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